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PHP (Laravel) programuotojas

Say hello to Tandemum! Never heard of us? Well, yeah… Probably. But that’s about to change! We’re all things cool right now. We are a family, tribe, coolest team ever, greatest rockstars, change-makers, pancake flippers – you name it. But in all seriousness – we’re just us. Like minded people who build things together – websites, e-shops, custom projects, marketing campaigns and SEO scores.


  • A wizard with at least 2 years experience of using PHP, Laravel framework and other frameworks.
  • Starting with basic knowledge of web system security, let‘s add some experience with API design and last touch – broad knowledge of OOP principles. Sounds tasty?
  • Experience with CI/CD, Docker, Git or any other DevOps tools and practices.
  • Relational database experience. Any faves?
  • Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ – if these are not that friendly to you as previous ones – it’s okay, you have plenty of time to become friends.
  • Critical thinking. Cause work smart, not hard.
  • Knowing how to “Google it”. Or even better, “Stack Overflow it”.
  • High sense of responsibility. But don’t be high.
  • We hope you have an eagle eye, to spot all those bugs and problems wandering around and, even better, familiar with PHP Unit or other automatic tests technologies.


  • Programming. Duh.
  • Maintaining well-documented, reusable, and transferrable code that would everyone understand. Not just you.
  • Staying abreast of new developments in software, trends, and practices.


  • Casual, yet personal responsibility driven environment.
  • Flexible working hours AND remote work opportunities. Nothing new here.
  • Personal perks pack. Want to finally start exercising? Need a free parking place or bus ticket (the planet will thank you)? We got you.
  • A place where you can sunbathe. On a Tuesday afternoon. Or any other day. In the middle of city Centre. Yeah, we do that.
  • Extra vacation day after your birthday. Cuz you may need it.
  • Never ending stash of snacks and coffee. Well… Honestly, they end.
  • A pet friendly environment. No snakes, spiders or any kind of endangered species from the Red Book. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Events: LAN parties, Tandemum Ultra Grand Fest, Escape rooms, Foosball championships. Whatever you can come up with. But also learning, let’s not forget about learning. It’s also fun. Sometimes. Right?
  • Salary range of 2500 – 4000 EUR month GROSS. No jokes here.
Feeling butterflies in your stomach? Then it’s a date match!
Don’t hesitate to brag about yourself, we have some popcorn ready. Send us your CV to or apply below and let’s talk!